DPF Clean Soham

DPF Assessments & Cleaning in Soham, Ely.

We’ll get to the root cause of your DPF problems.

DPF Assessment’s

A DPF is a self cleaning system. If your DPF is blocked then it is unable to clean itself. therefore we must identify the cause of the problem before carrying out a DPF clean.

This is where our DPF assessments are essential. Our DPF assessment will get to the bottom of your DPF problem.

Once we’ve carried out our DPF assessment we will identify the root cause(s) of your DPF problems. Then we’ll inform you of any necessary repairs that are required.

Some minor repairs will be covered in our DPF assessment fee.

Only then will we carry out a DPF clean – if one is needed.

DPF Cleaning

  • • Identify the root cause of your DPF problem via our assessment.
  • • Inform you of any work that is required, without the guesswork.
  • • Carry out the necessary repairs.
  • • Perform an in-situ 3 stage DPF Clean.
  • • Confirm the repair by analysing engine data.
  • • Offer helpful advice regarding looking after your DPF.
  • • Aim to provide a first-time fix every time.

DPF Cleaning Soham

The DPF Doctor

We’re are the accredited member of The DPF Doctor network for the area in and around Soham.

The DPF Doctor is a network of some of the leading vehicle technicians all over the world with access to latest training and technical data.

This gives us access to ever-evolving technical advice and an abundant amount of knowledge, information and training.

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